Vitsab USA and Vitsab International AB announce they will exhibit in booth # 981 at Seafood Processing North America

Vitsab USA and Vitsab International AB announce they will exhibit in booth # 981 at Seafood Processing North America

March 01, 2016

March 1, 2016, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Director of Business Development, announced today Vitsab is once again exhibiting at Seafood Processing North America (Co-located with Seafood Expo North America) March 6 – 8, 2016 in booth # 981. Vitsab is using this event to introduce their new Shellstock TTI (time temperature indicator) Label.
The project has been developed in collaboration of U.S. FDA and State of Connecticut Aquatic Laboratory during the past year. The major difficulties lies in matching the TTI response to the growth rate of the Vibrio species where the goal was to mirror the doubling times under dynamic temperature conditions.

The adoption of Vitsab’s well proven L5-8 Seafood TTI-Label in the USA has been very strong so national and state regulators are already familiar and comfortable with the advanced science and accuracy of the Vitsab TTI-technology. Because the Vitsab TTI technology is flexible and customizable, Vitsab was approached by federal regulators about one year ago to see if the technology could be adapted to mirror doubling times of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus.

There is a real need for this type of tool, so they were thrilled when they accomplished this request. Vitsab then produced some new Shellstock TTIs-Labels and went to the shoreline in Connecticut. Partnering up with the state of Connecticut they took to the water and tested the function of their new Shellstock TTI Labels. Since the State of Connecticut has an in-house microbiology lab, they were able to grind the oyster meat to get accurate vibrio counts to confirm that the response of Vitsab’s TTIs were aligned with actual vibrio doubling rates. Jeff Desrosiers, Vitsab’s Director of Business Development has presented the Vitsab R/D-work at the Northeast Vibrio Workshop last November, which was very well received by regulators, educators, and industry. He also had the privilege of presenting these results at the FDA’s national shellfish research facility at Dauphin Island, AL in January this year. As a result of this meeting, Vitsab received acceptance to start producing the new Smart Shellstock TTI-Label for monitoring the cold chain from harvest to consumption.

Vitsab TTIs use easily recognized “stop light” technology that transcends all languages and cultures. These TTI-labels show the safety status of each package with a color indication; green means the shipment was shipped under proper temperature, yellow means it is still safe if appropriate temperature is maintained, and red means stop and call your supplier. Many quality professionals told Jeff, by using Vitsab TTIs their company’s save money because they now have validation their products were shipped under suitable temperatures. This confirmation greatly reduces returns and refunds. “Vitsab is proud to support the seafood industry by exhibiting in Seafood Processing North America” said Jeff.


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