Vitsab International AB launches FreshTag at SENA 2018………

Vitsab International AB launches FreshTag at SENA 2018
March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Executive Vice President, announced today Vitsab’s launching their new brand name, FreshTag, at Seafood Expo North America in Boston, MA USA. Vitsab International AB is well known for developing and globally distributing Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) labels. These TTI labels have an adjustable formulation, allowing them to be calibrated to a variety of time/temperature relationship for e.g. to bacterial growth predictions of pathogens in food products. In addition, Vitsab has seen a recent trend in the marketplace for user defined TTI profiles; many times, used as freshness TTI-indicators.
“It is important for Vitsab’s product name to be an accurate representation of their primary purpose.” said Jeff Desrosiers, Vitsab’s Executive VP. “With our global food source changing from local, to regional, to national, and now global; there is a much greater need for monitoring time/temperature as a way of validating consumer safety. As consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about their food source and its traceability, they are also looking for proof of proper handling from the source to its destination. There is a growing trend for direct home deliveries from specific food items to complete meal solutions is a box. These direct deliveries of perishable food items are posing a whole new set of challenges for distributors and regulators alike. The FreshTag brand plays well into confirming every delivery; including those sent directly to consumers’ homes. Acquiring and branding our product packaging to “FreshTag” brings Vitsab more current with the global solutions we are providing” explained Jeff.
Now that Vitsab has acquired this property,, they have upgraded their brand name packaging to reflect this change. Scientifically, the inside formulations are the same trusted and established technology; only the printing on each label is changing.
Please reach out to Jeff with any questions: or +1 (207) 210-1753