Vitsab International AB Announces Vitsab USA

August 15, 2013, Limhamn, Sweden – Jens Rask, CEO of Vitsab


announced today the launching of their US based business development office – Vitsab USA.  With the rapid growing demand for full function TTIs in the Americas; Vitsab needed local senior leadership with global experience based within that market place.


Jeff Desrosiers, a business development expert with 25+ years of worldwide experience, fulfills Vitsab’s requirements perfectly. Jeff’s background includes the 5 largest pharmaceutical company in the world, the largest global producer of technology tradeshows, plus additional experience within the wellness, technology, essential services, and seafood industries. The perfect blend of experience, to help Vitsab International AB capture an enhanced global footprint of commerce by ensuring end users receive safe, top quality products that were shipped by the cold chain of distribution.

Jeff’s first order of business is to update with a newer technology platform, to deliver an enhanced experience for the current and future customer as they visit their website.  Jeff can be reached in the USA at +1 (207) 210-1753.