Vitsab International AB announces the development of their “Freshtag” reader smartphone app

Vitsab International AB announces the development of their “Freshtag” reader smartphone app

March 7, 2017


March 7, 2017, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Executive Vice President, announced today Vitsab’s development of their “Freshtag” reader smartphone app. This app compliments Vitsab’s industry leading Smart Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) technology. At any point in each Vitsab Smart TTI label’s use, you can know exactly how much of its lifespan remains.

Vitsab is already well known for having advanced TTI technology that follows the dynamic time/temperature growth rate of pathogens or user defined temperature profiles, which minimizes the risk for false positive indications. Their exclusive “Stop-light” technology makes it easy for anyone globally to understand the story these visual indicators tell upon arrival at their destination. Many have asked for more accurate information pertaining to each label’s lifespan; not only when it arrives at its destination, but at points along the journey.

“Ask and you will receive” said Jeff Desrosiers. “No matter where we turn, technology is pervasive throughout society. It only makes sense for Vitsab to migrate in this direction. We wanted to tap into smartphone use to enhance the user experience with Vitsab Smart TTIs, both for the product originator and the receiver.  By simply using the “Freshtag” reader app to scan any Vitsab Smart TTI Label, you will receive details about that TTI label’s remaining lifespan at that moment in time. How cool is that?” asks Jeff.

Vitsab expects to have this app available soon. The good news is, Vitsab’s Smart TTI technology is still available as is; or if you are interested in the new “Freshtag” reader app, you can use this advanced feature.Roll-upp stand 1 Layout