Vitsab announces they will exhibit at Food Safety Summit in Booth #827

Vitsab announces they will exhibit at Food Safety Summit in Booth #827

March 20, 2015, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Director of Business Development, announced today Vitsab is exhibiting at Food Safety Summit at the Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland, USA April 28 – 30, 2015 in booth #827. Vitsab will be featuring their innovative Smart TTI (time temperature indicator) technology plus they will have exciting news about their expanding product offerings; to help you meet the increasing safety requirements of our government agencies and the safety concerns of your customers.  Vitsab will have samples, demonstrations, scientific data, plus government regulation details to answer all your questions and help you formulate your HACCP plan including the CCP of time/temperature monitoring.

“The adoption of the Vitsab L5-8 Smart Seafood TTI Label in the USA, and around the world, has been very strong.  The L5-8 is a full function TTI that relates time and temperature by following the full Skinner & Larkin Curve*.  Seafood processors and distributors plus food service companies see excellent value in using this in-expensive “package level monitoring system” to not only meet FDA regulations but also to fulfill requests from customers to monitor time/temperature while shipping.  We take pride in being a business partner by going beyond supplying the TTI that is already part of approved HACCP plans; we are also an extension of your QA team, always ready to lend a helping hand.  Vitsab TTIs are customizable and can be adapted to monitor any food item; even inflight meals. They use easily recognized “stop light” technology that transcends all languages and cultures. These TTI labels show the safety status of each package with a color indication; green means the shipment is safe, yellow means it is still safe if proper temperature is maintained, and red means stop and call your supplier. Many safety professionals told me the use of Vitsab TTIs save their company’s money because they now have validation the product was shipped correctly; which greatly reduces returns and refunds. Vitsab is proud to support the Food Safety Summit by exhibiting in Baltimore at the end of April” said Jeff.

Vitsab is looking forward to educating attendees and other exhibitors, on the value and advanced science associated with Vitsab TTI technology; which is customizable to monitor your specific food products during shipping.  The ability to meet in one place with existing customers, government officials and regulators, plus start new strategic relationships from all food market segments, can be found only in Baltimore, MD USA, April 28 – 30, 2015 at Food Safety Summit.

* Skinner & Larkin 1998: Conservative Prediction of Time to Clostridium botulinum Toxin Formation for Use with Time-Temperature Indicators To Ensure the Safety of Foods;  G. E. Skinner and J. W. Larkin; J. of Food Protect. 61:9; 1154 – 1160, 1998