Vitsab announces the launch of a new product line to alert of Vibrio growth risk in fresh Shellstock


Vitsab announces the launch of a new product line to alert of Vibrio growth risk in fresh Shellstock. 

January 25, 2016, Winslow, ME – Jeff Desrosiers, Director of Business Development, announced today Vitsab is expanding their product line by introducing customized TTI Labels that indicate Vibrio growth risk in fresh molluscan shellfish. Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus are bacteria that occur naturally in warm coastal waters. These bacteria grow quickly after the molluscan shellfish are harvested which can pose a significant health risk if shellstock with high numbers of Vibrio spp. are ingested raw. The U.S. FDA reported 341 serious illnesses between 1982 and 2002 associated with consuming raw oysters containing Vibrio vulnificus. 179 people, over 52%, died from their sickness (UC Food safety bulletin). This makes ingesting raw shellstock one of the highest risks in the food industry. It is obvious additional tools are needed to help identify potential vibriosis risk.

Because of Vitsab’s well proven TTI-technology with their L5-8 Seafood indicator the FDA contacted Vitsab a little more than a year ago and inquired if Vitsab could produce a TTI-label adapted to the growth of Vibrio species. After FDA provided predictive growth models on Vibrio growth Vitsab develop several TTI-labels to indicate the growth risk of Vibrio species. After contact with State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture Bureau of Aquaculture the new Shellstock TTI formulations were tested in the field during the summer of 2015 and passed with flying colors. Green, yellow, and red that is. This is how their technology visually alerts you – they are green when activated, yellow then red if temperature compromise is detected. Their exclusive “stop light” technology makes Vitsab’s TTIs easily understood anywhere in the world.

Vitsab’s Director of Business Development Jeff Desrosiers has presented their R/D-work of the new TTI-labels at the Northeast USA Vibrio Workshop in CT last November. He also presented this work at the FDA’s National Shellfish Research Facility on Dauphin Island, AL January 22nd this year, and has already been asked to speak at the Pac Rim Shellfish Conference in April in Arizona. The interest from regulators, educators and industry has been overwhelming which is why Vitsab assumes this tool will quickly become a best practice in the shellstock and aquaculture industry.


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