Shellstock TTI-Label

 New Shellstock TTI-Label


Our new Smart Shellstock TTI-Labels have been developed in collaboration with U.S. FDA and other federal and state organizations according to predictive growth models of Vibrio paraheamolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus supplied by FDA.

Growth of Vibrio spp. in shellfish after harvest is a typical time-temperature relationship allowing for specific designs of Shellstock TTI-formulations well adapted to the growth pattern of the Vibrio species.

These Shellstock TTI-Labels are inexpensive devices that validate a proper maintained chill chain of Shellstock from harvest to plate.


The TTI-formulations are based on the proven Vitsab TTI-concept. The labels are self-adhesive with an approximate size of a postage stamp and can be attached to harvest container, shellfish tag, or other packaging.


Exhibit in booth # 981 at Seafood Processing, Boston 2016


Visitors to our booth show great interest in the new Shellstock indicator