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We care about the food products our customers’ source and distribute around the world; from Yellow Tail Tuna caught off the Coast of Kyusho Island in Japan to the pilot’s meals served onboard an early morning flight to London. We design and build simple to use visual food freshness labels for food manufacturing, airline catering, and seafood distribution industries that span the globe.

We care about the products we build for our customers. We naturally focus on ensuring the product works for your application; whether this is chilled soup with a shelf life of 21 days, packed seafood that is air freighted to other countries, or flight meals loaded on an aircraft for in flight service anywhere in the world. Quality, ease of use, accuracy, and usefulness are at the core of what we do.

We trace our roots back to the very beginning in the 1970s when our initial technology was first developed by a small yet diverse bunch of clever, resourceful and committed people. Today we have our own network among scientist, including other industrial contacts, allowing our visual indictor technology to be used by passionate and conscientious people just like you.

We make it easier for you to supply fresh food anywhere in the world; safely and with the minimum of fuss…

We make products for use by all types of individuals.

The people who use our products may work for large, midsized, or small corporations.  They can work in mission critical teams, for a specific corporate department, they may work alone, or even be sole traders of fresh products; it doesn’t matter. From our experience we know these people all have different job roles and therefore have different individual needs. What’s important to us is that our products work for each person by satisfying their individual needs. Our products allow company HACCP (food safety) managers and Government Food Inspectors to feel at ease. Company directors and investors can review company food safety reports and see due diligence is in place. Front line staff who work in busy, hectic places, have told us our products make their lives easier.  Vitsab makes all these people more efficient plus they feel great about the safe products they are providing to the general public.

Your consumers expect your great service and Vitsab shares this common goal. We respect you, our customers’ time, money and trust.

  • Over 1.3 billion shipped fresh food products have been protected so far.
  • Our longest serving customers have been with us for more than ten years.
  • With feedback from over 15000 users, we are committed to delivering the best quality products possible.
  • We have gone to great effort to minimize production set up costs which gives you the lowest possible investment
  • Our products do not require calibration, or special tools, to activate or read them so they can be used by everyone.
  • Perfect customer service plus being your partner is our goal.  Vitsab International is an extension of your organization.
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