Since global regulation agencies are closely monitoring medical products needing refrigeration during shipping; a good Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan includes the Critical Control Point (CCP) of package level time and temperature monitoring, to detect temperature abuse during shipment.  Why is this becoming a growing concern.

Currently, Time Temperature Recorders (TTRs) can be too cost prohibitive to place on every individual package.  If one TTR is used for a whole shipment, there is no way to confirm every individual package from that shipment was kept at an appropriate temperature during the entire shipping process; especially since many shipments are sub-divided upon receipt and sent to separate areas within the same facility.  The need is clear, an inexpensive and intelligent time and temperature monitor.

  • If there was a small subset, of individual packages, exposed to high temperature and then re-chilled before arriving at their destination; the temperature exposer would not be detected.  Even one undetected temperature abused package is one too many.
  • A cost effective HACCP CCP solution for monitoring individual packages is needed.  The Vitsab Smart and Customizable Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) Label is that cost effective monitoring device and is already a part of many approved HACCP plans.


Which Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) is designed to monitor the specific temperature parameter requirements for refrigerated medical products during shipping?

  • The top priority is to monitor time with relation to temperature, ensuring every individual package is safe.  Not all TTIs are created equal.
    • It would be very expensive to replace product that has been kept within proper known temperature limits; due to a false indication by a TTI monitoring device.
  • A full function TTI will directly monitor the relationship of increased temperature and the time exposed to that temperature and have the ability to be customized to perfectly match your specific monitoring parameters.
    • The Vitsab Smart TTI label is this customizable TTI monitoring device.


Which TTI is the easiest to visually read at each shipment’s destination?

  • TTIs need to be easily read by any receiving personnel, end-user, or patient; in any country
  • The Vitsab Smart TTI Label uses the universal “Stop Light”  color system
    • Green: Go – the product is fine
    • Yellow: Caution – the product is fine and please check every package carefully
    • Red: Stop – notify the product’s supplier


Whether shipping pharmaceuticals to individual patients, delivering essential vaccines to combat health risk outbreaks, or providing customized cold chain confirmation; clearly, the Vitsab Smart and Customizable TTI Label is the cost effective logical solution for package level refrigerated medical product time and temperature monitoring needs.

Please contact Vitsab with your specific monitoring parameters, so your Smart TTI label can be tailored to your specific monitoring requirements.  This step will not only ensure you are compliant with global government regulation agencies; you will also solidify your company’s leadership position when it comes to the safety of patient level medical solutions.