Company overview

Vitsab started with product development based on advanced scientific evidence.  We needed a full history time temperature indicator (TTI) that could respond to the fresh food quality and safety concerns associated with exposure to increasing temperature.  Once the science was developed, Vitsab needed to manufacture an easy to use and cost effective solution; a full history TTI label.

During the early years of Vitsab’s history, TTI indicators consisted of a combination of paper, plastic film, and different kinds of glue and adhesive. Over the years, we have refined the manufacturing process to ensure outstanding reliability, accuracy, and quality.

A major breakthrough to the manufacturing process was completed in 1999.  Arne, Christer and a team of co-workers changed the production method from individual operational steps to a modular system.  Now all the steps, from the filling machine to the finished product, are completed seamlessly from start to finish.

Vitsab, together with our suppliers of raw materials, designed new efficient manufacturing equipment. Next, these suppliers pre-printed the plastic laminate films with the specific information for each type of indicator.  Then, our custom designed die-cut machine laminated the ampoule film and secured the two sided adhesive with a release backing all before die-cutting and winding rolls to meet our customers’ orders.

Today, we use only the highest quality raw materials plus the most advanced manufacturing equipment all placed in the hands of our skilled machine operators; to produce the most scientifically advanced and cost effective full history TTI label.

Vitsab’s self-adhesive Smart TTI Labels are ready to simply activate and apply.

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