About Vitsab International AB

Vitsab makes it easy to monitor your refrigerated products’ time/temperature relationship from production thru their final destination, no matter where they are shipped globally. Vitsab designs and builds simple to use visual product freshness/safety customizable labels called Smart TTIs (Time Temperature Indicators).
They care about the products their customers’ source and distribute around the world; from Yellow Tail Tuna caught off the Coast of Kyushu Island in Japan to the pilot’s meal served onboard an early morning flight to London. Vitsab’s product line services a diverse portfolio of industries. A partial list includes seafood, produce, airline catering, medical, and even fresh cut flowers.
Founded in the 1970s, Vitsab’s extensive history started with the initial development of their innovative technology by a small group of resourceful and committed visionaries. Today they have a network of scientists and other industry professionals, allowing their visual indictor technology to be used by passionate people just like you.
Vitsab ensures their products work for your application, whether chilled soup with a shelf life of 21 days, packed seafood that is air freighted to other countries, or flight meals loaded on an aircraft for service on the other side of the world. Quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness are at the core of what they do.

Vitsab’s products are used by companies of all sizes and people with varied backgrounds.
The people who use their products may work for large corporations, work in teams or specific departments, or they may work alone and be sole traders; it doesn’t matter. From their experience, Vitsab knows people have different corporate functions and different individual needs. What’s important to Vitsab is ensuring their products work for each person – fulfilling individual needs. Their products allow company HACCP (food safety) managers and Government Inspectors alike, feel at ease. Company directors and investors can review corporate safety reports and see due diligence is in place. Front line staff who work in busy, hectic places have told the Smart TTI Company, Vitsab products make their lives easier. Vitsab makes all these people and companies work better.

Your consumers’ expect great service and that is exactly what Vitsab provides for you. They respect their customers’ time and resources, resulting in Vitsab earning their patron’s trust and confidence.Vitsab products are useful. Over 1.5 billion refrigerated products have been protected to date.

  • Their longest standing customers have been in partnership with Vitsab for many years, even decades.
  • With feedback from over 15,000 users, Vitsab is always striving to improve future versions.
  • They have gone to great effort to minimize your set up costs.
  • Their products do not require calibration, nor special tools to activate or interpret; so Vitsab’s Smart TTIs can be used and understood by everyone.
  • Service and partnership – they are truly an extension of your business.

Vitsab’s executive team has extensive global experience and stand ready to service all your customized cold chain confirmation needs.

Vitsab's Executive Team

Jeff Desrosiers
Executive Vice President
I am a business development professional with over 25 years of global experience.  My corporate experience includes the 5th largest pharmaceutical company in the world, the global leading producer of technology expositions, plus midsized and small companies. I am passionate about Vitsab’s innovative technology and the need for consumers to have confidence in the fresh products they purchase.

I love to still play competitive basketball and other sports. I delight in my time spent with my wife of 25 years and our four daughters.  We enjoy camping, hiking, snow shoeing, and other outdoor activities. I appreciate life everyday – don’t just live the length of your life, also live the width!

Bosse Bergdahl
Executive Vice President Europe

Since 2000, I’ve been a part of the Vitsab project, where I am responsible for the economy.
I am also a trained chemist and worked at nuclear power plants in the 1970s and 80 ‘s.

In my spare time I like to take my camera out in the wonderful world of nature or why not a round on the motorcycle.
I’m also with and direct a choir in my hometown, where we sing songs from the ‘ 60s.

Jens Rask

Academic background: Pol mag, civilekonom

I am, through my holding company Rask Holding ApS the owner and chairman of the board of Vitsab International AB. Through my previous ownership of Check-it ApS I have a gained vast experience of monitoring the food chill chain.

Though a Dane I am what you may call a fanatic skier and am very fond of sailing out of the skiing season.

Dr. Peter Rönnow
Managing Director

I studied organic chemistry, zoology, biochemistry and microbiology at the University of Göteborg, Sweden and graduated with a Ph.D in microbiology in 1982. I joined Vitsab in 1995 as head of chemistry and later as Vice President of Technology in charge of label development and since August 2000 managing director of Vitsab.

Mats Schneider

I work as the chemist at Vitsab International AB and have been involved in the Vitsab project since the start in the late 70´s. I guess I have the long service medal at Vitsab.

Today I am responsible for our laboratory in Malmo where the chemical liquids used for the Vitsab TTI indicators are prepared. I really enjoying working with this technology and present new solutions to the team to improve products, and simplify manufacturing. I also work with quality control aspects during manufacturing.