Vitsab is committed to educating the next generation of food safety scientists

Vitsab is committed to educating the next generation of food safety scientists

March 3, 2014, Portland, Maine USA – Jeff Desrosiers, Director of Vitsab USA, announced today Vitsab is dedicated to educating the next generation of scientists that are focused on food safety.  A great example of this is when an industrious 5th grader, Ian from Utah – USA, was gearing up for his 5th grade science fair.  Being fascinated by TTIs (time temperature indicators) and how they function; Ian reached out to Jeff to inquire about Vitsab’s TTIs. This was all Jeff needed to hear.

“I have 4 daughters and I have always enjoyed encouraging them to love science and understand the value of scientific intervention on the wellbeing of people. When I received the inquiry from Ian, I was thrilled with helping him.  I supplied Ian with some educational information explaining the advanced science behind the L5-8 TTI label, plus how to activate and use them.  I was able to ship Ian some authentic TTIs; so he could use and study them for his science fair project” said Jeff.  “I could tell right away Ian was a very sharp young man and it made my day when I opened an email from Ian entitled “thank you.” Ian shared he won 1st place in his school competition, competed in the district competition and is now qualified for regionals.  My daughters enjoyed reading Ian’s email and seeing the 3 pictures he sent me.  Please join me in wishing Ian the best on his regional competition.”

Jeff has had the privilege of being a judge at many science fairs over the years and he has been on the school board, at his daughters’ K thru 12th grade school, for the last 6 years.  He has even coached varsity sports at the high school level and has volunteered for many school related activities.  Jeff has always had a passion for mentoring and teaching today’s youth, which is evident by Jeff’s commitment of using Vitsab as an educational resource for our young people.

Vitsab USA is a Maine-based company located in the Gulf of Maine Research Institute Building in Portland, ME.  Please contact Jeff Desrosiers at 207 201 1753 or at for additional information.


Ian at his district competition